Increda Reviews

IncredaReviews... developed by a LeTip Member, for LeTip Members!

IncredaReviews, developed by LeTip Member Greg Wertsch, is an online review system that uses testimonials and direct feedback to help your potential customers make that critical purchase decision. Greg's own experience taught him that online reviews had a huge impact on his chef-event business, and he knew it could help the members in his local chapter, too. Two years ago, Greg began creating the program that has changed his life, (and his category). IncredaReviews is now available to members across the country, and better still, Greg is offering deep discounts to LeTip Members.

"Even one good referral can have a huge impact on success!"

What is IncredaReviews?

IncredaReviews is a system that helps you collect and promote web-based reviews and referrals about your business.

It is a complete review system that gives you a variety of ways to capture reviews, verify they came from your clients, manage and respond to your clients' concerns, and promote your reviews directly onto your own website and across the internet.

Have complete control!

We've partnered to help you!

LeTip and IncredaReviews are leaders in word-of-mouth referrals and the web-based equivalent - online reviews. If you're not a member of LeTip, you should consider it - you can never have too much business!

Because of our unique partnership, LeTip members get pricing that is unavailable to the general public. Not a member and want to learn more? Call Janiece at 800-255-3847.

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